Thursday, March 8, 2012

Riversdale Beach education Programme

On Monday 13th Febuary the whole school went to Riversdale Beach. for a Beach Education day. Firstly we went to the club house to watch some cool videos about rips,tides and sand bars. Secondly we went down to the beach to play some games like Beach Flags and sandcastle building. Issac, Xavier,Fins Mum, fin, my mum and I made a sand anaconda. It looked awesome. Next we went back up to the cars and we had some lunch. I had a bag of salami and some buns. It was nice.
Finally we were allowed to get changed into our togs because we were going to learn how to run through the water properly, duck dive and dolphin dive, and the best part - boogie boarding and body surfing. I caught a couple of decent waves and it was fun.
We had a great day as usual at Riversdale beach and I'd love to go again.

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