Thursday, March 29, 2012


Dear mother and father,

I’ve seen many things I wish I
haven’t. The war has been very cruel and
I’m lucky that none of my friends have died.
I am in the third battalion with a lot of Aussies. I have a few friends such as Jimmy, Stan and
Ben. I have got to go now, I’ll try to
write to you again, bie.

Yours sincerely Sean.

25th April 1915

Dear mum and dad

I am a nurse in the army I see a lot of blood and broken bones I don’t like it here just being the age of 17 its to gruesome lots of people are dying it is not nice to see so many people dying in one day at a time I am really sad I miss you lots but its to late to turn back now as our second fight is tomorrow.

Love from Rachael


Dear Dad
It took three months to get hear after fighting
in France that was really brutal only one of my mates have died his name was
We are now at Gallipoli waiting for the battle
ships to clear the hill hopefully. I’m in the second battalion, my three mates ere
Jim, Steve And Donald they are all aussies but I know they will look out for me
we have three more days to go befor we hit the hill so got to go send you more
if I can. Love you all.
Your sincerely Cam .

April 1915
Mother & Father

I am at world war one feeling really sad
of all the people that I’ve seen killed, burnt or even really injured. I’m
working as a nurse at world war one. It really hurts me seeing people like
this. Do you know how many people have been killed? Like more than 100. Being only 17 to me it’s freaky. I keep having nightmares it scares me hard. I wish war never existed. But I’m happy that I’m helping people to survive the war.
I miss you, dad and my brothers and sisters LOTS.

Faith xxxooo

The Enterprise

Dear Mum & Dad

I’m a seaman in WW1. It has been a gruesome time here in France. I love
you a lot. I hope to get back to New Zealand soon.

Love from,

April 25th

Dear Mum,
It’s 25th
April and the war’s still going on. There have been a lot of wounded soldiers
coming in and is a nightmare to see the state that the soldiers are in.
Everyday soldiers have either died or were in a brutal state. It is very
horrible to see them this way, but it is my job to look after them so they
live. I only get a short amount of time to write to you, until I have to go
back to the nursing station. I will write back to you if I can.
Love your
Holly Allen

25th April 1915

Dear Dad
I haven’t seen you for a long time. I’ve been missing
you. I’m a soldier and I’ve lost my arm. My friend has a broken finger and I’ve
lost many friends. I’m running low on rations and ammo.

Love from

25th April 1915
Dear Mum and Dad
I am writing from Gallipoli. Being a nurse is hard. I have to look at blood and people with no legs or arms Yuk! Some people don’t even make it. The war is pretty bad and we are losing. I want to come home. I’m missing you heaps.
Love from                                                 
Jessica L xxxx

25 April 1915

Dear mum and dad

I am now in Gallipoli and the war is starting tomorrow at sun set. I am nervous because I know it will be very challenging and there will be lots of people whose life’s will depend on me. Most of the soldiers will probably die instead of surviving the war . It is so very difficult being a nurse but atleast I have been training for this moment. Love you lots,miss you so much.

                                                                                                  Love from K irsty xxx

25th April 1915

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have been shotting 24-7. I am feeling really homesick. I hope the war is over soon and I hope we win because I really do not want to die.

from Fin.

April 1915

the short amount of time I have been here I have seen more suffering than you
could possibly imagine. Soldiers are coming to us nurses with severed arms,
burns and many bullet wounds. I fear everyday that I will see father coming
into the tent injured or worse dead. I really do hope he is alright. The living
conditions here are awful we live on rations which have to be sheared between 5
women and we have to sleep on very uncomfortable camping stretchers. I am
awfully tired and I have a severe case of disentre. But I am sure the
daughter solider are worse off then we are and so I am going to continue my
duty to save as many soldiers as I can. Don’t worry I am sure ill be home soon.

25th April 1914

Dear Mum and Dad
The war has started and you will not believe what I have
Apparently the British soldiers dropped the Allies off in
the wrong place so they are in a lot of trouble.
About 1000 people were killed in the past 2 days and about
another 50 this morning. I have had countless nightmares about what I have seen and I am sure that I am going to have another 1.
It has been a long few months and I hope to come home soon.
Lots of Love Morgan

25th April 1915
Dear Mother and Father
In the short amount of time that I have I shall write to you
because this is the only thing I can do. Since I’ve been here I have been
miserable and have seen very horrid things like blown off arms and legs and burnt
people. I wish I could come home to you right now but it is my duty to help the
hurt ones that are trying to save our lives.
Good Bye and hopefully I will see you soon.
Love your daughter, Nicola xxx

April 1915


having a lot of soldiers and they’re all got brutal wounds some have even lost
there lives in hospital ship and in action I feel really sad about the families
that have lost there darling daughters or sons but I guess that’s what wars are
about im missing you very much so hopefully the war will finish soon I write
too you every day that I can I promise.

sincerely Zahara Norman (your daughter in the war)

April 1915

Mum and Dad

am writing from Calipoli, the war has been terrible. Lots of people have had
broken bones I have also seen lots of blood which is grouse. I also hate seeing
people die. Hopefully know more people well die. But it is all worth it. Some
people I have treated have gone back to war and ended up fine but others


April 1915 25th

Being a nurse
is hard work having to deal with the most horrible things every day. Dear mum and dad I love you so much and are missing you
heaps but meanwhile
in the battlefield
people are dying
every minute so
I am very
lucky. One hour ago
I had to
cut off someone’s
leg I pleaded
for another nurse to
do it but they would have none of it
hoping to come back soon. See you have to get back to work now
of love from Brooke

April 25th 1915
Dear loving family
The war has begun and I can’t believe I have to
be a nurse. The only problem is I can’t stand being stuck on a boat for so
long. I still can’t believe I’m only 16 years old. Looking after the soldiers
is a pretty cool job. But so many soldiers have been shot some even killed in
action. I hate seeing all the soldiers’ dead or dying is a horrible sight
knowing that their families will be dreading the horrible news of how their
children have died in the war instead of old age.
Loving you dearly
Your wonderful daughter at war.

25 April 1915
Dear Mum
Its 6.00am right now and it has been 3 months into the war. I have
had my arm blown off and it really hurt, it was replaced with a fake arm. Now
we are waiting for the allies to shoot the Turkish off the hillside and then we
can move up. Anyway I better catch u later love u.

Yours Sincerely


25 April 1915

Dear Mum and Dad

I am writing from
Gallipoli. At the age of 15 I am a nurse looking after injured soliders .Its
hard work but it’s worth it getting soliders up on their own feet to fight
against the German army .It’s sad to see so many people dead

Yours Sincerely

April 25th 1915
Dear Mother and Father
When I left I was appointed the position of head
nurse, I have discovered that I get very very sea sick. We live in the medical
tents with all the injured soldiers the stretchers are five centimetres of the
ground and at night the rats scurry around under me. The state of the soldiers
is horrendous there are men with severed limbs, bullet wounds and horrid diseases.
One handsome Comrade suffered severally when he
was shot in the arm I have nursed him back to health and he is going home as he is no use, before
he went he asked if I would give him the honour of dinner one time
I agreed. I think father would approve of him he and his father own a farm
called Brancebeth in the Wairarapa. I have sent a photo of us along with this
Oh dear I must go a carriage load of soldiers
just arrived from the north most sustaining severe injuries. I expect to be
home soon if not I shall write when I can.
With love your darling daughter
Jessica xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

April 25th 1915
Dear Mother and Father,

I have just seen more blood in one place than I ever thought I would see in my life. I have seen brutal bullet wounds, burns all over and loss of limbs. My stretcher is as hard as a brick and I eat only rations that have to be shared around our whole ship. My fellow work mate, Susan, is suffering from depression and with calming exercise and good thought I hope she will over come this horrible experience. I hope you are proud of our beautiful country as our soldiers are fighting hard and are not letting anything stand in their way.

Yours truly,

ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

By Xanthe, Faith Callum and Sean

ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

By Jess L, Cameron, Henry and Kirsty

ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

by Becky

ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

by Jessie, Xanthe S, Bella, Zavier and Isaac

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Human gyroscope

On 13th of March the whole of Ngaumu class went to the science road show. First we had to split up into our year groups. Once we were inside there was already another school there. Then we were allowed to go and look at all of the exhibits. My favourite one was the Hunam gyroscope.
It made high pressure wind to show how powerful the wind was and that a force can move a heavy object.

Healthy Food Choice's.

Two days ago the Senior room went to Channel College to a science road show to learn about science. I am going to tell you about my favourite interactive display called 'Healthy Food Choices'. There was a cupboard full of plastic food and on the bottom of the food was a barcode. The object of the activity was to chose the healthiest dinner. First you choose 1 or 2 items each then you give them to the person with the scanner, and they scan your item and it comes up at the end with your meal score, which is how healthy the items you chose are.
Our meal score was 5.05 "not too bad" said the boy with the scanner.
This display was my favourite because you got to chose items that you would have for dinner. My score was low because I chose all the yummy stuff that had low scores. Which means that it was low fat food.

Spectacular changes

When we went to the science road show at Channel College the man showed us an experiment where there were five cup and there was a liquid in the cups. He first had some water in a cup then he poured the water into another cup which seemed to be empty but the water changed into raspberry. Then he poured the raspberry into another cup and it turned back into water. He then turned the water into lemonade and then coke.
He said that it was a chemical change. He made it change from clear to red by using acid then he neutralised the acid to make it white again. Next he put baking soda into the cup to make it bubble then something else to make the liquid brown like coke.
It was really cool.

oeblek goo

On Tuesday the 13th of March Ngaumu class went to the Science Road Show at Channel College and I volunteered to have oeblek goo poured on my head. None of it went on my head because when you add force to it it becomes a solid but you if pick it up its drippy like liquid. This is called a physical change

Oeblek goo is so easy to make. All you have to do is put corn flour into a bowl with water and some food colouring. Mix it around and enjoy playing with it.

Science road show

On Tuesday the 13th of March the Ngaumu class went to the Science Road Show. My favourite part was when we learned about Liquid Nitrogen. It was really cool when one of the exhibitors put some gloves on and got some Parsley and dipped it in Liquid Nitrogen. He had the gloves on because liquid nitrogen is so cold that it will burn your skin. When he brought the parsley out it had ice on it and then he squeezed it and it crumpled all over the table. Another favourite was the Elephant tooth paste. That was cool too because when the exhibitor put two cemicals together , this pink foamy stuff came out like tooth paste and it was massive. One of the men did this thing where he put dried ice in cold water and then it made clouds of cold air. It was a really fun day and I had loads of fun and I learnt a lot of new science things..

Microscopes and Telescopes

March 2012

On Tuesday the 13 March, Ngaumu went to the Science Road Show at Channel College. We learnt about microscopes and telescopes and what you can see through them. With telescopes you can see things in the distance and with microscopes you can see tiny little details up close. The first microscope was a drop of water this was discoverd by someone putting a single drop of water on a object and it simply inlarged it.I had lots of fun and im sure everyone else did too.

Ana's first days at school

March 2012

Ana is my adorable sister and she has only just started school. On Ana's first day, I'm pretty sure she was nervous. As soon as we got to school we all hopped out of the bus and I took Ana to class. Then the bell rang. She wouldn't let go of my hand, so Mrs. Mackay took her to the mat. At morning tea Ana came running to me then Nicola, Kirsty, Ana and I went into the senior cloak bay to get some food, Ana was staring at the fire alarm then she flicked the switch. Luckily it was broken but...

The next day she did it again and Mr. Cameron had got someone to fix it and this time it went off. Everyone ran to the tennis court. After Mr. Cameron had explained that it wasn't a practise and it that it wasn't a fire either and that someone had set the alarm off, we all went back to our lunch. I followed Ana and the teachers. Mr. Cameron told Ana not to touch the switch. Ana started to cry so I her took over to the field and we played a game. She seemed fine after school.
I hope you like school Ana and I know you won't set off the alarm again.

Sience Road Show

Tuesday the 13Th March

On Tuesday the Ngaumu room went to Channel College to watch a Science Road show. We learnt alot about experiments and cool stuff about science, like elephant tooth paste, liquid Nitrogen and dry ice. There were lots of cool thing that us kids could try. There were three presenters who gave us two demonstrations and in between the demonstrations we were able to roam around and check out the cool thing that the Fonterra Road Show had made. The displays were interactive which means that you could play with them to find out what science was being explored.
It was a great experience for our class and I can't wait till next year.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Riversdale Beach education Programme

On Monday 13th Febuary the whole school went to Riversdale Beach. for a Beach Education day. Firstly we went to the club house to watch some cool videos about rips,tides and sand bars. Secondly we went down to the beach to play some games like Beach Flags and sandcastle building. Issac, Xavier,Fins Mum, fin, my mum and I made a sand anaconda. It looked awesome. Next we went back up to the cars and we had some lunch. I had a bag of salami and some buns. It was nice.
Finally we were allowed to get changed into our togs because we were going to learn how to run through the water properly, duck dive and dolphin dive, and the best part - boogie boarding and body surfing. I caught a couple of decent waves and it was fun.
We had a great day as usual at Riversdale beach and I'd love to go again.

Drama workshop

March 2012
At the start of the day we all got together and learned each others names and we had to wear name tags so we wouldn't forget them. The lady who was teaching us was called Mrs Arends and she taught us games like the King is Dead, Crack the Code, Two Truths and a Lie and we also played Chinese Whispers.
There were only 5 boys and 14 girls. We pratised 2 poems for the performance. We also did Freeze Frames. We did fairy tales for the pratise and for the show we did freeze frames of a family at the circus, at the A&P Show, a weddings and the dog trials. Then we did the performance and some parents came.
In the performance we did the best Freeze Frames, 2 poems, the King is Dead and the Day of 5 Challanges at the end of the show we pick 3 volenteers to demonstrate the King is Dead. Jess' s Dad volunteered and so did her Grandpop. It was really good and funny. Thanks guys.
The two days were fun and we all made lots of new friends and hope to do it again one day.

Red Cross People Savers Course

March 2012
On Thursday the first of March 2012 the Ngaumu class particapated in the Red Cross People Savers course. Kathy the Red Cross lady handed out booklets for us to do some activities in and then she taught us things that we need to know in big emergencies.
Firstly, Kathy taught us the DRSABC which stands for D - check for dangers R- response S- send for help A- airway B- breathing and C- circulation that was fun! Now in our booklet we filled in a couple of activites to do with DRSABCs. Secondly, she taught us about broken bones and how to treat them when we know they're broken.Then we learnt to surround the broken bones in books or anything around you.
Thirdly, Kathy taught us about burns and poisons. In the topic burns she told that we had to Clean Cool Cover and run the burn under cold water for 20 minutes. Kathy taught us about poisons and to watch out for them around your house and schools.
Lastly , we got to have a little play around with things and we did some little role plays to see if we remembered what to do in certain emergencies.
At the end of the day everyone was tired but at least we now know how to respond in emergencies.
It was a great day and I think I could now help someone in an emergency

Masterton swimming sports

On the 5th of March 2012, Gretchen, Jess, Isaac, Lachie and I went to the Masterton Swimming Sports, because we all placed in our races at the Rural Swimming Sports at the Genesis Energy Recreation Centre pools on the 21st of February.
We all swam in the races that we qualified for in the last Swimming Sports. Before my race started I was really nervous and had hard core butterflys in my stomach. After I swam I got really cold and had to wrap myself in a towel and sit on my dads knee.
We all did really well, but only Lachie and Isaac made it through to the finals but then only Lachie made it through to the Wairarapa swimming sports agian in the Genesis Energy Recreation Centre pools.
At lunch I all went home because it was really hot and and I would get bored because I had no more races to swim. I was really proud of my efforts and the efforts of my friends.

Rural Swimming sports

21 February 2012
A couple of weeks ago, the whole of Wainuioru School participated in the Rural Swimming Sports 2012.It was great to get everyone involved in it. People ages from 5 to 50 participated in this event as it was so much fun!
Wainuioru did really well and we even had the youngest swimmer (9 years) in the four length race.
We started with the widths (15 meters) and ended with the lengths (25 meters). There was freestyle, backstroke , butterfly and breaststroke.
At the end we had the parents races and the relays. They were alot of fun but no victories there.
It was a great day and a few of us got into the next round.
Molly & Rachael


8th March 2012

Yesterday our whole school did a Duathlon, a running and swimming event.
The whole school had to run and swim how many lengths and laps of what year they were, for example, if you were a year 6 you had to run 6 laps of the field swim and 6 lengths of the pool.
We started off with the year ones and went all the way up to the year eights.
After we had competed, we went to get changed then got a warm Milo, "yum" and we also had an enjoyable piece of tasty fruit.
It was a fun event even though it was a bit of a chilly day .

Picnic 17/2/12

On the 17th of February Wainuioru School went to the Greytown Park for our school picnic. First of all we got put in to groups of four. Then we went over to play Chinese Walls with Miss McLeod and Mrs. Rattray. We played for a while and our team won most of the games.
After that we went over to play cricket with Mrs Stevens. There were lots of good hitters in our team but sadly we didn't win.
Next we went over to Mrs Mackay to play Rob the Nest. There were four hoops on the ground and also one in the middle which had some tennis balls in it. There were also six people in each team. The people in the team had to get three tennis balls in their hoop to win and it was really fun.

After that we had lunch then played Tug of War and the girls won four times and the boys won three times.

Then we had the running races and the sack race, potato and spoon race and lastly the three legged race. After that we went swimming in the pool and nobody in the school could touch the bottom in the deep end. We also went on the slide.
Lastly we went to the park and in the park there was a new swing so every one wanted to go on it.

It was a fun day in Greytown

Reading eggs

On February the 26th Mrs Rattray showed us a new website called Reading Eggs. Its like Mathletics but its for reading. In Reading eggs there's a gym, library and a stadium.

You have to earn eggs by reading texts and answering questions at the library on the programe . You can also earn eggs by doing a test. At the gym you can also earn eggs by doing dictionary skills. At the stadium you can earn eggs by playing against people all around the world.
We like reading eggs because you can buy all different kinds of pets and it improves your reading skills.

Ngaumu wordle

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