Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Cross Country

On Thursday the 2nd of June Wainuioru School, Tinui, Whareama,Mauriceville all went to Tinui School for cross country. First the juniors went then the year 2 and 3'S went then the year 4 and 5s went then finally it was my go. I was waiting for ages THEN . . . READY SET GO! I was running. We first had to run to a pole, then run up and down a hill, onto the road, around the pub, back to the school, around the tennis court and then around the field. FINALLY, I finished. I came 3rd and kirsty (my sister) came 2nd. After my race I had a burger and some coke then went home. It was the first time I have ever run in a Cross Country race and I thought it was fun.

Wainuioru News- Planking turtle

Today we found our turtle Ronnie "planking" on a rock under the UV lamp. It was so funny we just had to take a photo of him.

We hope you enjoy our exclusive interview with Ronnie the planking turtle.

Ngaumu speeches

This week our class has been doing speeches because Gladstone school is hosting the year 7-8 speech competition again this year and our winning year 7 and 8's have been invited to participate in the competition. So far we have listened to all but 4 of the speeches and we have been judging them as a class.It is very close! I am not sure who will be going to represent our school but all of the speeches we have heard have been great. Some of the topics were - Duck Shooting, How to make a lizard Garden, Living in the country is better than living in town, My duck Shooting experience, Ronnie, the Turtles adventure, The Bloody Tower, Living in England, Shrek the Sheep, Harriet the Pig, Bullying, Parents vs Kids, Bethany Hamilton's Shark Attack, Tui Beer, and Grandads Injury. A variety of very interesting speeches and we can't wait to hear the rest. Some have been published on the Blog. Enjoy reading them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cross country

On Thursday the whole school did cross country at Tinui. Most of us got into the town cross country because we came in the first 5. The 5 and 6 years olds had to run around the field once and the 7,8,9 and 10 years olds had to run 2 and a half kms, and the 11,12 and 13 years olds had to run 4 kms. I got into the town cross country and I came 5th out of 8 people. After we finish running we just felt like dropping to the ground because it was so tiring.

Ngaumu wordle

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