Thursday, March 8, 2012

Red Cross People Savers Course

March 2012
On Thursday the first of March 2012 the Ngaumu class particapated in the Red Cross People Savers course. Kathy the Red Cross lady handed out booklets for us to do some activities in and then she taught us things that we need to know in big emergencies.
Firstly, Kathy taught us the DRSABC which stands for D - check for dangers R- response S- send for help A- airway B- breathing and C- circulation that was fun! Now in our booklet we filled in a couple of activites to do with DRSABCs. Secondly, she taught us about broken bones and how to treat them when we know they're broken.Then we learnt to surround the broken bones in books or anything around you.
Thirdly, Kathy taught us about burns and poisons. In the topic burns she told that we had to Clean Cool Cover and run the burn under cold water for 20 minutes. Kathy taught us about poisons and to watch out for them around your house and schools.
Lastly , we got to have a little play around with things and we did some little role plays to see if we remembered what to do in certain emergencies.
At the end of the day everyone was tired but at least we now know how to respond in emergencies.
It was a great day and I think I could now help someone in an emergency

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