Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camp, DAY 3!

On camp Thursday we got woken up at 6:30am and breakfast was at 7:000am. We had half an hour to get ready for the day. As usual breakfast was toast, cereal and milo.

We caught the train from Silverstream (where we were staying) to Wellington and walked to the Museum of City and Sea. At the museum we met James he told us to put our bags in to thes big boxes and sit on them. He then told us the rules of the museum and we went to the Board Room. In the room there was a massive map on the wall. With the map James showed us how the Wahine Disater struck. Then we had a look around the place and watched a movie which was made purely of the news that was fimed on the day and photos that were taken by people there, it was very sad! Another thing that almost had everyone in tears was the talk that Shirley ( a survivor form the disaster) had with us. Two of her little children died in the disaster. We finished our time at the museum with getting into groups and doing some activities.

Afterwards we had another walk to do, to Capital E. While we were walking we started to eat the delicious wrap that the cooks at the retreat gave us for lunch. Once we got there we sat down outside and ate our packed lunches, YUMMY! We then went inside and a man named Peter came to meet us and take us downstairs. Once we were all sitting down, he told us what we were going to be doing for the two hours and what our jobs were. We were going to be making a 'live' news report on the Wahine Disater, Jess and I were the presenters! Straight to Wardrobe we went. I f you you go to you'll see that Jessica looks more like a news reporter than me, I had a cardi on! The news report was on a 'tv.' program called Spotlight On New Zealand. I really enjoyed being Presenter #1, even though a stumbled heaps! We did a dress rehearsal and an actual one, thankfully only the real one went online!

After dinner (which was chicken) we went to H2O Xtream pools, there was three water slides there, way better than Masterton!

And it was time for bed!

We had a really awesome day and I would like to do it again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Somes Island

On Wednesday the 27th of October I was not going to school because I was
going to Somes Island with all the other year 5's and the rest of the senior room.Somes Island is in the wellington harbour and somes Island is rodent free. The ferry that we went on wasn't so nice looking I thought it needed some sparkles and maybe a bit of purple or pink just for some colour. Then when we all got on the boat it started to move at last. It took 20 to 30 minutes to get to Somes Island on the ferry.When we all got to Somes Island we got of the ferry and went in to the rat house to check if we had any rats,mice,possoms or seeds in our bags.Luckily no one had any rats,mice,possoms or seeds in there bag.Then we all got out of the rat house and split up into groups I went in Rod's group.Then we all started to walk and have a look around Somes Island I liked the Tuatara's and the Little Blue Penguin which is so cute .Then when we had looked around Somes Island it was time to go. On Somes Island there was a lady that was in a dress and high heels with a teddy bear I thought she was crazy, but I did like her shoes. Then we hopped onto the ferry and went across the Wellington harbour and headed home.
By Nicola Sharratt.


On the 26Th of October the 2010 Wainuioru school year 6,7 and 8 camp kicked off. We all got in our designated cars and drove down to Silverstream Retreat which is in Wellington. When we got to the retreat we sorted out rooms and had a bit of a look around, then got back in our cars and drove to the Botanical Gardens in Kelburn. When we got there we walked to Caters Observatory and ate lunch out the front while we were waiting to be let in. When we were allowed in we were greeted by a nice lady called Vicky. She lead us in to a classroom where we were shown a power point presentation about the solar system. Then we were free to explore the exhibits after about half an hour we were sent to the planetarium to watch a movie about what an astronaut goes through in training, and where the different constellations are in our sky at the moment.Then we went into the classroom again and did some activities. when we left the Observatory we took the cable car to the CBD (central business district) and back then we went back to the retreat. We explored the retreat some more then we walked across the road to the steam museum where we were greeted by Mr Polsen ( Taylor's Grandad ) who was going to show us around. We went in and had a look around and in some of the old steam trains then we went back across the road just in time for tea. Yum fish and chips and Caramel self saucing pudding but not together that would be gross!! My favourite part of the day was Carters Observatory. I learnt what an astronaut has to go through in training. I couldn't wait till the next day.
Jessica Forbes

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