Tuesday, June 29, 2010


On Monday and Tuesday Maddy and Kasa went to master kids and they learnt how to take picture's up close,they took the pictures and uploaded the pictures on to photo peach and made a slide show with background music. They came back to school and taught two students to make the slide show this is one of the slide shows. check it out.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wordle - senior room

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Medieval Feast Recount

Read all about Wainuioru Schools Medieval Feast from Charlotte's recount

Its Thursday it’s not like any other Thursday because… Wainuioru School were having a medieval feast. All pig heads and eating with our hands. The reason for the feast was we thought it was a good way to finish of our medieval unit. Everyone dressed up I was a peasant and I wore a dark green dress with cream embroidery on the top. I thought I looked good.

First we got told what we were doing. Then we got into groups and did an activity to make a sword out of paper and cellotape. Becky had the strongest sword it could hold 10 rolls of cellotape. Mine couldn’t even hold one roll! Next we had a costume parade me and Harry won best dressed peasants, Annika and Sean won best dressed entertainers,
Jessica and Jack won best dressed knights and Cameron and Bruno won best dressed royalty. Then we showed our shields my shield had an elephant and a blue flower on it. After that we did hobbie horse racing me and Ally came last because we both had a sore ankle.

Finally we had the food since I was a peasant I had to eat last. All the peasants were shouting FEED US, FEED US!! Eventually we got to eat. It was yummy. I had some chicken, bread and some fruit. There was lots of food some pies, muffins and some iced bread it all looked so good!

I had such a great time I hope it could happen again. My favourite part was the costume parade. And I learn lots about the medieval times.

By Charlotte Rose Richardson

Age 10

Year 6

Senior Room

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Welcome to the Wainuioru School senoir room blog. Throughout the rest of this year, the children will be able to post their work, photos and interests on this page for your interest and enjoyment.
The children have been busy writing speeches this term which they all presented to an audience on the 17 and 18 June. There were some very interesting topics including'What it is like to be a twin' ,'The tongue', 'Kickboxing', 'Being the oldest sibling', 'Fiji', a selection of speeches on pets, 'Ice cream', 'Cookies' and many more. they were all very entertaining and the children rose to the challenge and achieved their individual goals.

We are currently investigating simple machines as part of the technology curriculum and over the next couple of weeks we will be finding out how these work to make our lives easier.
Enjoy the posts
Carolyn Rattray

P.S Check out one of my favourite youtube videos for your entertainment!

Ngaumu wordle

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