Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ana's first days at school

March 2012

Ana is my adorable sister and she has only just started school. On Ana's first day, I'm pretty sure she was nervous. As soon as we got to school we all hopped out of the bus and I took Ana to class. Then the bell rang. She wouldn't let go of my hand, so Mrs. Mackay took her to the mat. At morning tea Ana came running to me then Nicola, Kirsty, Ana and I went into the senior cloak bay to get some food, Ana was staring at the fire alarm then she flicked the switch. Luckily it was broken but...

The next day she did it again and Mr. Cameron had got someone to fix it and this time it went off. Everyone ran to the tennis court. After Mr. Cameron had explained that it wasn't a practise and it that it wasn't a fire either and that someone had set the alarm off, we all went back to our lunch. I followed Ana and the teachers. Mr. Cameron told Ana not to touch the switch. Ana started to cry so I her took over to the field and we played a game. She seemed fine after school.
I hope you like school Ana and I know you won't set off the alarm again.

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