Thursday, March 15, 2012

Healthy Food Choice's.

Two days ago the Senior room went to Channel College to a science road show to learn about science. I am going to tell you about my favourite interactive display called 'Healthy Food Choices'. There was a cupboard full of plastic food and on the bottom of the food was a barcode. The object of the activity was to chose the healthiest dinner. First you choose 1 or 2 items each then you give them to the person with the scanner, and they scan your item and it comes up at the end with your meal score, which is how healthy the items you chose are.
Our meal score was 5.05 "not too bad" said the boy with the scanner.
This display was my favourite because you got to chose items that you would have for dinner. My score was low because I chose all the yummy stuff that had low scores. Which means that it was low fat food.

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