Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On Wednesday 20 March 2013, some of the year 5 and 6 students went to the Memorial park in Masterton to play in a Rippa Rugby Tournament. The schools that were involved were Wainuioru,  Gladstone, Whareama, St Matt's and St Pat's and they each had a country that they were representing. Wainuioru was representing Tonga. Some of the other countries were England, Samoa, Japan, Australia and some others who we didn't face.
Our team consisted of Vania, Nate, Lachie, Pip, Olivia, Josh, Joe, Thomas, William and Flynn.
We played 4 games lost 3 of them and won 1.
Apparently they had a good day and Vania won a rugby ball for being the best player in the team and the team won a trophy.
They did very well.

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