Thursday, March 14, 2013


As part of our school wide look at our environment, we have identified that we have a bit of a problem with getting rid of our rubbish. Because it is so dry here in the Wairarapa,our school cannot use the incinerator to get rid of our rubbish.and it has been building up.
Our class decided to try to solve this problem.
As a school, we now have to take all of our lunchbox rubbish home and we are even trying to reduce the amount of rubbish that we bring in the first place.
Other rubbish gets taken to the recycling station by the teachers and we are now collecting our paper rubbish in each class and that will be taken to be recycled too.
Food rubbish gets composted and we will use the compost in our vegetable garden. The only food rubbish comes from the staffroom! The children take theirs all home.

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