Monday, November 8, 2010


On the 26Th of October the 2010 Wainuioru school year 6,7 and 8 camp kicked off. We all got in our designated cars and drove down to Silverstream Retreat which is in Wellington. When we got to the retreat we sorted out rooms and had a bit of a look around, then got back in our cars and drove to the Botanical Gardens in Kelburn. When we got there we walked to Caters Observatory and ate lunch out the front while we were waiting to be let in. When we were allowed in we were greeted by a nice lady called Vicky. She lead us in to a classroom where we were shown a power point presentation about the solar system. Then we were free to explore the exhibits after about half an hour we were sent to the planetarium to watch a movie about what an astronaut goes through in training, and where the different constellations are in our sky at the moment.Then we went into the classroom again and did some activities. when we left the Observatory we took the cable car to the CBD (central business district) and back then we went back to the retreat. We explored the retreat some more then we walked across the road to the steam museum where we were greeted by Mr Polsen ( Taylor's Grandad ) who was going to show us around. We went in and had a look around and in some of the old steam trains then we went back across the road just in time for tea. Yum fish and chips and Caramel self saucing pudding but not together that would be gross!! My favourite part of the day was Carters Observatory. I learnt what an astronaut has to go through in training. I couldn't wait till the next day.
Jessica Forbes

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