Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camp, DAY 3!

On camp Thursday we got woken up at 6:30am and breakfast was at 7:000am. We had half an hour to get ready for the day. As usual breakfast was toast, cereal and milo.

We caught the train from Silverstream (where we were staying) to Wellington and walked to the Museum of City and Sea. At the museum we met James he told us to put our bags in to thes big boxes and sit on them. He then told us the rules of the museum and we went to the Board Room. In the room there was a massive map on the wall. With the map James showed us how the Wahine Disater struck. Then we had a look around the place and watched a movie which was made purely of the news that was fimed on the day and photos that were taken by people there, it was very sad! Another thing that almost had everyone in tears was the talk that Shirley ( a survivor form the disaster) had with us. Two of her little children died in the disaster. We finished our time at the museum with getting into groups and doing some activities.

Afterwards we had another walk to do, to Capital E. While we were walking we started to eat the delicious wrap that the cooks at the retreat gave us for lunch. Once we got there we sat down outside and ate our packed lunches, YUMMY! We then went inside and a man named Peter came to meet us and take us downstairs. Once we were all sitting down, he told us what we were going to be doing for the two hours and what our jobs were. We were going to be making a 'live' news report on the Wahine Disater, Jess and I were the presenters! Straight to Wardrobe we went. I f you you go to you'll see that Jessica looks more like a news reporter than me, I had a cardi on! The news report was on a 'tv.' program called Spotlight On New Zealand. I really enjoyed being Presenter #1, even though a stumbled heaps! We did a dress rehearsal and an actual one, thankfully only the real one went online!

After dinner (which was chicken) we went to H2O Xtream pools, there was three water slides there, way better than Masterton!

And it was time for bed!

We had a really awesome day and I would like to do it again!

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