Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Golden Shears

This morning Ngaumu class were invited to go and watch the Golden Shears for an hour at the Masterton War Memorial Stadium.
We were put into three groups and one group at a time were taken to the back of the stadium to see some wool pressing.
In the stadium, the shearers had to shear 5 sheep as fast as they could. Whoever had the lowest score was the winner. Next there were races for people doing hand wool pressing. They had to fill one wooden box and one steel box up with wool and press the wool down as hard as they possibly could. Then they put one box on top of the other and pulled a handle to squash the wool even further. Then they closed up the fadge, weighed it and the fadge closest to the weight was the winner. They also had to do it as fast as possible.
It was our first time at the golden shears and we really enjoyed it. We would like to go again next year. Hopefully the people organising it will invite us again.

By Connor Davidson Yr6 and Josh Norman Yr6

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