Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wainuioru school Electives

Every Thursday for 6 weeks this term, all of the children at Wainuioru School participate in an electives program.
The parents and teachers have agreed to run the electives and have offered a variety of choices and activities.
The electives we could choose this year are Crafts, kayaking, technology challenge, card making, swimming, drama, cycle skills, cooking and baking, fun with science, triplet lamb transfer, camping skills, music, Japanese, arts and crafts, print making and computer animation.
In technology challenge we have made a flagpole out of straws, a catapult and a tower made out of dried spagetti. we also had to design a structure made from straws that would hold a nut and we had to make a bird feeder house out of news paper. 
In baking, we have made cupcakes, pizza, pikelets, smoothies, sherbet and learnt how to make icing.
In card making we have made a selection of different cards with different designs on them using special card making equipment.
In drama we are doing a play called Penny and the Wolf and in fun with science we explored oobleck, made fizzy lemonade and lava lamps. It has already been a lot of fun and we are all looking forward to another 3 weeks of electives. 
Our electives only happens at our school every two years.

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