Tuesday, July 12, 2011

leadership camp 2011

In April I was picked to go on a leader ship camp in the Wairarapa. I went for two days. There were 2 year 8 students from about 10 schools that went. While I was there we went to a place in Greytown called Shoc chocolate. They make some of the best chocolate in New Zealand. In the shop I saw a chocolate bunny for $280 and it was huge. Also they were giving out free samples for every one which was my favourite part. The same day we went abseiling. Abseiling is a sport where you climb down the side of a cliff with a harness attached to you.When I was half way down my rope got really tight and I couldn't go down. But in the end I got down. It was fun. The last challenge we did was called a $10 challenge and we had to go though a supermarket and we were given $10 and we had to buy something that contains a carbohydrate, veges and a meat. Joe from Lakeveiw shcool and I made a curry and it was delicious. I am glad I went and I learnt alot from it

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freeman said...

good on you grabbing the opportunity in this leadership camp - you get heaps more opportunities to do this sort of thing when you are part of a smaller year group. sounded cool - have to cook me a curry one day ...its pretty much my fav food.

andy f

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