Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Cross Country

On Thursday the 2nd of June Wainuioru School, Tinui, Whareama,Mauriceville all went to Tinui School for cross country. First the juniors went then the year 2 and 3'S went then the year 4 and 5s went then finally it was my go. I was waiting for ages THEN . . . READY SET GO! I was running. We first had to run to a pole, then run up and down a hill, onto the road, around the pub, back to the school, around the tennis court and then around the field. FINALLY, I finished. I came 3rd and kirsty (my sister) came 2nd. After my race I had a burger and some coke then went home. It was the first time I have ever run in a Cross Country race and I thought it was fun.

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