Thursday, September 2, 2010

Science Roadshow

"time to hop on the bus children".It was the day to go to the science roadshow at chanel collage just the senior class went.When we got to chanel collage we went and sat on the floor we learnt alot of stuff. I went with Olivia and Sophie looking around at the science .Next I went up on the stage were there was three science deminstration .I went on a nail bed were the nails were stickings up at the sharp went it wasn't paneful it felt like a holo desk so did Olivia and Sophie went on it.It was time to sit on the floor we had little cards when we answered them all we but them in a box and then a man will pick a card up and who ever got picked out won 3D glasses and a 3D picture and Gretchen and Morgan got the price. I think it was a really fun time because we got to do expereiments.

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