Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We were asked to write an editoral all about Wainuioru School for the Wairarapa News Kids page. Annika Green was selected to write the editorial and this is what she wrote:

Wainuioru School is AWESOME!!!!!!!! And this is why: We are situated 21 kilometres south-east of Masterton, in the tranquil country side. We are a rural, family orientated school, which is well supported by parents and families. Some students start at the Wainuioru playgroup which is held on a Tuesday and is next to the school. The preschoolers do lots of fun activities and they have a great playground.
There are 45 families that are a part of our school, which gives us around 80 students. We have 4 classrooms with teachers that we really look up to and who make us eager to learn. Veggie Gardens, tree nurseries, a worm farm and an orchard make us an Enviro School and the year 6 students are currently devising a waste management scheme for the school.
At our school we are supported by lots of technological devices; 40 different computers and laptops are spread throughout the school each classroom has a smart board as well as an Elmo.
We have just finished a medieval study where some visitors came and showed us authentic medieval weapons and armour had made themselves. They showed us swords, shields, chain mail and knights clothing. Then they demonstrated a sword fight. It was really scary. The best thing about our study was that we finished it with a medieval feast where everyone dressed up and ate with their hands; there were even pig’s heads, EWW!
Wainuioru School is a great environment for all students where we have wonderful learning experiences in a fun and safe environment.
Wainuioru School is awesome.

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